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The first time I discovered PINES & PALM TREES I was in love! Not only are some of these iconic photographs taken above some of my favourite places in Western Australia; Justus captures the essence and depth of colour belonging to some of Australia’s most beautiful coastlines and flora. It is such a talent to capture and highlight the true beauty that is Australia. His photography draws you in to appreciate the intricacy and detailed patterns that our beautiful Earth offers us. You keep getting drawn back to the photographs and discovering new depths and colour.

Valentina (Sydney, Australia)

Founder at Statera Collective

In the final stages of designing our new float studio in South Perth we wanted a simple but stunning beach photo to capture our customers attention as they walked down the corridor and past our Dreampod rooms. We found an aerial image from @pinesandpalmtrees of our local Leighton Beach with the same deep blues as our logo, the frothy grey and white sea-bubbles matched our furniture & interior wall palate and the copper colour of the morning sun on the sand complimented our back vanity benchtop superbly! This is the only image or artwork we have in our studio and it certainly expresses the notion that ‘less is more’.

Steve (Perth, Australia)

Owner at SALT Float Studio

HAHNEMÜHLE Fine Art Papers - Made in Germany
Nielsen Frames - Made in Germany
Design and print from Munich, Germany // Papers and Frames Made in Germany