our story

Aerial Photography is our passion. Yet, it's more than just taking photos. It's about the craft, the craft of capturing something unique, a moment within many among nature’s magnificence. The craft of taking that moment and sharing it. Sharing it, not only, in a way that can be enjoyed forever but in way that does it justice. This is why we recommend the type of paper and why we recommend the style of frame. This is why of all the shots taken, only the best make it through. At PINES & PALM TREES the artistic process begins with moment captured and only ends when it takes pride of place with you.

"Justus has always been a keen photographer. As aerial photography grew in popularity, he was struck by the angle and the unexplored world it opened. Growing up in Germany, Justus has always had a great appreciation for forests, lakes and mountains, but it was a 2 year stint in Australia where his art form really developed. The shapes, contrasts and energy that can only be captured in this way. A true bird's eye view. Sometimes it takes a different point of view to point out the beauty and Justus has a truly one of a kind style. Like many artistic pursuits, there are some that stick out from the pack and Justus' keen eye for detail comes through, especially when you are able to enjoy his photos in person."

- Steele Walster 
(Friend and founder of The Surf Meal Co.)

We use DJI drones - Find out more
Nielsen Frames - Made in Germany
HAHNEMÜHLE Fine Art Papers - Made in Germany
EPSON printers
Design and print from Munich, Germany // Papers and Frames Made in Germany