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We are super stoked to have partnered up with THE SURF MEAL CO.  (TSMC) who offer wholesome tailored nutrition to surfers to support the unique energy requirements their sport and lifestyle demands.

Seeing an absence in tailored nutrition options for groms & seasoned shredders alike, The Surf Meal Co. became committed to finding the answer. Nutrition that is specific to their craft, something that has the energy required for the demands of the sport & their lifestyle preferences.

Surf Meal products are naturally sourced, authentic & just ‘get’ surfers. Everyone bands together because they enjoy one thing. The glorious feeling of the ocean against our skin and our beloved board under our feet

P&P and TSMC have become friends working on another project in Perth, Western Australia. Since 2018 we are proud to have become an official part of the Surf Meal Family.

We have since developed their brand identity including the "winged power arm" logo, and new product designs of SURF BARs and SURF PROTEIN tubs. 

surf bar

choc mint

The Original SURF BAR!

Always Surf Your Best For Hours!

The SURF BAR was designed by Surfers for Surfers so you can be confident that it has everything you need and nothing you don’t. The SURF BAR was designed with a specific purpose in mind and that is to keep YOU in the water surfing for better and longer.

Not only do they taste AMAZING they contain magnesium and potassium to stop those annoying session ending cramps and guarana to give you a pick me up for those early sessions. Save money by swapping the early dehydrating coffee for a SURF BAR the guarana will give you a natural energy awaking and its slow release profile mean you won’t crash and burn!

The ingredients are sourced organically where possible and from Australia, giving you the peace of mind knowing you are getting and eating the highest quality food.

SURF BAR - Choc Mint

Each SURF BAR comes in the HUGE 60g size representing AWESOME value for money and will keep you feeling full without weighing you down. The SURF BAR comes wrapped inside our unique foil wrapper that is Biodegradable and that’s not all you can even send your wrappers back ONLINE CREDIT! 

All Surf Meal Products Come With Our Lighting Grip Guarantee 100% Satisfaction or Full Refund No Questions Asked!

SURF BAR - Choc Mint

Justus' ability to create art with pragmatism is second to none. He understands how images and colour come together to identify a company's brand. Having worked with and seen many designers I can say with confidence that Justus is top tier - without the attitude!

Steele (Perth, Australia)

Founder of The Surf Meal Co.

HAHNEMÜHLE Fine Art Papers - Made in Germany
EPSON printers
Design and print from Munich, Germany // Papers and Frames Made in Germany